Top 5 Indications for Rejuran Injection

Rejuran is the latest skin booster injection on the market

For the past few years, Skin Booster Injection is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for many people. Among the skin booster injection, non cross-linked HA and PRP are the most well-known injection that most of the people do. Skin booster injection is a treatment aim to delivers some substance (nutrients or HA) to hydrates the skin and make the skin glow. No doubt, they are very good treatment, however, always there will be newer products launched to the market which may deliver better results for eg the current trend – Rejuran Injection.

Rejuran injections has three ranges – Rejuran Healer, Rejuran S (for scars) and Rejuran I (for eyes)
Rejuran injection contains polynucleotides (PN) which derived from the Salmon DNA (because Salmon DNA found to be very similar to human DNA).
Rejuran serves Two main functions:

  1. Wound healing – improving our skin own regenerating properties by stimulations of fibroblasts (a cell that generates collagen and other cells within the skin’s extracellular matrix)
  2. Anti-inflammatory – reduced free radicals and inflammatory cytokines

From the two mechanism of actions, I hereby summarise Top 5 Skin Conditions which can obtain beneficial outcome from this famous injection.

#1: Melasma and other Pigmentary Disorder

Disclaimer: This patient did Picosure and Sylfirm laser together with Rejuran Healer

#2: Active Acne

Combination of Sylfirm with Rejuran in combating active acnes. No oral medication needed, and the result is long-lasting

#3: Acne Scars

Significant improvement even with just one session of Rejuran S

#4: Mottled Hypopigmentation

Mottled hypopigmentation caused by frequent high energy laser previously thought to be incurable

#5: Dull and Dry Skin

The skin becomes brighter and firmer, fine lines are reduced after Rejuran Healer injection

Overall, Rejuran Injection gave a lot of surprises to my current practice. It is a very beneficial adjuvant therapy to be added into anti-aging, pigmentary or even scar treatments.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this article. I wrote this articles with my personal opinions toward Rejuran Injection. All photos are consented.

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