My 5 Daily Routine Skincare Products

So, I get a lot of compliments for my skin. Most of my clients, patients, friends and relatives always asking me about the skin care products that I used.

First of all I would like to summarise the factors of good healthy looking skin… Genetic factor definitely utmost crucial in determine your skin quality, but is the hard work that counts in maintaining or improving your skin condition.

In this article, I will be focusing on the skincare products that I used in my daily routine. It is very important for you to understand your own skin, the best skincare products are not those expensive one, but the one that suits your skin the most.

Thanks to my parents who gave me such a nice skin, I have a relatively normal skin, maybe just a little bit oily over the T-zone, but not to the extend where I need to worry about it. I think it is okay to change your skincare products from time to time, because definitely there are newer products produced and they can be a better choice sometimes. However, if you found a skincare products which suits you best, perhaps you should just stick with it.

So, below are the skincare products that I’ve been using for quite some time (6 months to 1 year) that I really think they work perfectly on my skin and I’m happy to share with you…

#1: Clique Prescriptive – Cleanse

This lightweight foaming cleanser rich in vitamin B12. CLEANSE is perfect for all skin types, even for sensitive skin to remove impurities and makeup.
I usually use this to double cleanse my face from make up because I don’t really like make up remover.
What I like the most is that your skin does not feel dry after washing.

#2: L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

I used to think that face oil will make my skin oily, but I was so wrong until I met this Divine Youth Oil. It is formulated with 100% natural oils, it melts gently into the skin after you apply it. Your skin seems better “stabilised” and appear more radiant.

#3: Rejuran Eye Gel

This is the latest products that I added into my routine, I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now. What I like about this eye gel is that it is not sticky and I can see improvement of my dark eye circle after a week.

#4: Clique Prescriptive – Quench

As I mention earlier, my skin is neither dry nor oily, I need an easy absorbed moisturiser to hydrate my skin.
QUENCH, is a multi-molecular weighted oil-free serum enriched with Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid.
It penetrate you skin so quickly that it feels like your skin is drinking water.

#5: Kiehl’s Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++ with Anti-Pollution

So I really encourage everyone using UV Defense that has at least SPF 30 and above, PA +++ and above (because our Sun is not that friendly). This ultra-light UV defense is a non-comedogenic sunscreen which at the same time hydrates your skin. It absorbs so quickly after you apply and leaves a matte finish!

Alright, so these are my easy 5 steps in my daily skincare routine, and all of them are my favourite. Of course, from time to time, new products will eventually appear and I might replace one to another. Again, I want to emphasise that the best product is the one that suits you the most, in terms of feeling of using, result, and of course budget!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement and is not a sponsored post. I am currently working in Clique Clinic, however, Clique Prescriptive products I recommended above was purchased by me with special staff rate.
All opinions are always my own and everything was purchased by me unless otherwise stated with *.

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