5 Reasons Why It is OK to go for Aesthetic Treatment?

Aesthetic Medicine is becoming vital and popular branch of medicine in recent years.

“Aesthetic Medicine” is defined as an area of medical practice where medical doctor creates a harmonious physical and psychological balance by using non-invasive, minimally invasive and invasive treatment modalities or methods.

Many people from age 18 to 80 are looking for aesthetic treatments, it can be as minor as a simple Botox injection to more aggressive procedures such as thread lifting. However, the circulating myths against aesthetic treatments and our culture in acceptance of this field stop us from learning more and understand it.

So here in this article, I would like to summarise the Top 5 Reasons Why We Need Aesthetic Treatments.

#1: Age Gracefully

“Nature gives you the face you have at 20, it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50.” – Coco Chanel

I suppose for those who own a car will know that you need to service your car after driving for certain mileage. So do your FACE!! Ageing is an inevitable process. When people talk about getting older, it's not uncommon for them to use the term "age gracefully". But how many actually understand the meaning behind it?

"Ageing gracefully" means "Looking old, but embracing it" or "Showing signs of ageing, but still powering forward with life". This term is frequently used by women who choose to grow old without undergoing any aesthetic procedures in order to maintain their appearance.

This perspective, feels almost negative and a bit outdated. Today, aesthetic medicine has gained wide acceptance among young and old, because people have realised that these treatments are truly beneficial to them.

So, I have to say, Ageing Gracefully doesn't mean you have to wear your wrinkles with pride - instead, you need to do whatever necessary to stride into your older years with confidence.
If you feel energetic and youthful internally, then there is no shame in getting a facelift, lasers or fillers to keep your face at the same level.

#2: Skin Condition as a Disease

– In human, disease is often used broadly to refer to any condition that causes pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, or death to the person afflicted, or similar problems for those in contact with the person

Come to think about it, when you have bad fulminant acne at the age of 15, will your parents bring you to see a doctor to treat it?
The answer is certainly YES, because we all agree that it is a skin disease.

So what about having bad acne scars at the age of 40? Do you feel guilty by seeking help from an aesthetician to treat the scars just because others are telling you that there is no need at this age to look good?

There are many skin conditions that people usually seek help from, for example: hyperpigmentation, hair loss, acne scarring..etc
All these skin conditions although may sound like an aesthetic need, but you definitely can search them in the dermatology (skin) text book.

If you think that your skin condition or issue is affecting you physically, psychologically or even socially, then you should label them as a "disease" and find your doctor to treat them!

#3: It is very Common

Definitely SOMEONE is making it like a drama, alien or complicated. 

Frankly speaking, aesthetic medicine is just another branch of medicine which is dealing with relatively "normal" (non-pathological) condition.

It is same like you go to a Dentist to fix your teeth, ENT to check your ears, Gynae to check your vagina...
So you go to an Aesthetician to check your face, what is the big deal??

#4: Safety

With the advancement in aesthetic medicine, the products and devices that used in the industry is considerably safe under large volumes of R&D and strict regulations of products processing.

Most of the products used in injection (registered and legal products I mean) are hypoallergic (very little chance in causing allergic reactions), biocompatible (non-toxic, do not harm your skin and no rejection) and degradable (able to decomposed in our tissue and disposed by our immune system).

Hence, the main rule that I want to emphasise here is to choose a registered clinic, licensed doctor and registered products when you undergo aesthetic treatment. Then, the only thing you need to worry is the skill of the doctor, which will be summarised below.

#5: Natural

Less is More
Simple is Best
Natural is Key

– Dr Lim Tingsong, Medical Director of Clique Clinic

Aesthetic treatments always being stigmatised as "fake". 

"I don't want to look fake like XXX (celebrity name popped out)" is the most common feedback patient responded to an aesthetician when they were offered some treatments plan.

This term "fake" can be extremely subjective when we want to define it through our perception. In my opinion, if you overly augment something which is totally out of your normal proportion, then I might see it as fake.

Somehow, at some point of your life, something which is lost over ageing process need to be replenished, something that shifted over time due to structural changes need to be relocated or something that is excess from your body or face need to be removed.

Is just like the cracking hole of your house wall need to be filled with cement, the faded paint need to repaint, does that make your house a fake house that you can't recognise anymore?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal needs, desire and how you look at yourself. If you look at the mirror everyday and there is something bothering you which affects you either physically or psychologically, perhaps is time for you to step out and try.

If you are totally happy for what you have and not being affected by anything, do not follow the trend, do not listen to what other people say, be yourself!

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