5 Tips In Choosing Your Best Aesthetic Doctor

I believe many people are much tempted to visit an aesthetic doctor to improve their skin from ageing or some skin conditions. There are too many aesthetic clinics, medispa and beauty salons providing aesthetic treatments, some of them mass advertises through different portal from social media to huge billboard to attracts public attention. Unfortunately, a lot of misleading messages brought out to public which then leads to unsatisfaction.

In this article, I would like to list out 5 main tips in choosing the right and best aesthetic doctor for yourself before you deciding to go for aesthetic treatment.

#1: Experience and Qualification

Qualification and experience of your doctor in particular treatments that you are looking to of course is utmost important factor. I believe no one would like to become a “Experimental subject” when comes to your face.

It is your right and totally OK if you ask the doctor to show you his/her certificate and qualifications. Of course I will suggest that you asking them in a polite way. No one like to be doubted. In other word, mutual respect is the key in doctor-patient relationship. Treat your doctor the way you want him/her to treat you.

Generally, a doctor need to be in Aesthetic field performing Aesthetic Treatments for at least 3 years to be considered experience enough, because that is the time where they get their LCP (Letter of Credential and Privilege, a certificate which given by MOH stating that this doctor able to perform aesthetic treatments legally). However, there are plenty of young junior doctors who are very talented as well, and as long as they are under supervision of a senior doctor who already obtained LCP, then they are equally qualified to perform aesthetic treatment too (As long as they are being honest with you about their experience, personally I think some of the Junior Doctors are more meticulous and careful).

A single tip here is that, if a doctor unable to share their experience or qualification, you really need to be more cautious and perhaps do more searching about this particular doctor or clinic.

#2: Assessibility to the Doctor

There are always two types of doctor in Aesthetic Medicine. One of them like to remain pure doctor-patient relationship, while another group of doctors who prefer a more close relationship with their patients. Either group has their own benefits and disadvantages.

However, the most important is that the doctor is assessable, or can be any staff from the clinic. From the first enquiry to face-to-face consultation, then the post treatment service, each stage of your treatment is very critical.

Imagine you have a bad skin reaction after the laser treatment at 9pm and you wonder whether is that normal or not…and even worse you can’t find anyone to answer your doubt and putting you into panic state. It is a nightmare isn’t it?

I always give my personal contact to my patients, some of my colleagues advised me not to do so. I insisted it that way and still find very comfortable and useful with my decision. I hope I’m the first one my patient contact when they facing any problem from the treatment I performed.
However, I always explain to my patient that if it is not very urgent matter, perhaps they should contact me during office hour. And so far, I have a very good relationship with my patients.

#3: Location of the Clinic

“I really love Durian, sometimes I am willing to fly back to my hometown Penang just to get my favourite Durian. “

Same goes to Aesthetic Treatments. If you really like that particular doctor and his/her skill and style, I think it is totally worth your time even though that clinic maybe quite far from your place.

Logistically, it is very important for you to take into account certain factors while choosing a clinic. For instance, if you are looking for filler injection, where we consider an one off treatment which require very little follow up (provided no complication), then it is OK to ignore the location factor.

In contrast, if you foresee the treatment needs frequent follow ups or multiple sessions, in that case location of the clinic can be a really crucial factor for you.

I do have many clients / patients flew all the way from other country such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China and etc to get treatment done in my clinic for various reasons – cheaper price, testimony and referral from peer or just because of the excellent review in social media.

#4: Chemistry

Finding the best aesthetician for yourself is like finding your true love. (Sounds too romantic?? LOL)
OK, maybe not so dramatic, but to me I think it is so vital to find someone who “click” with you. You both have almost similar perception in beauty. Aesthetic treatment is like an art, the doctor is the painter, and you are the buyer. Best scenario is when the doctor understand what you need and you are satisfied with the art work.

If a doctor agrees almost everything you mentioned, couldn’t wait to close the deal with you, he/she might just want to earn your money.
If your doctor tells you his/her own opinion and disagree to your request, I will suggest you should reconsider and give yourself some time to digest what the doctor suggest to you.
You should feel very comfortable to be able express your feeling and needs and having the sense of trust towards your aesthetic doctor.

#5: Price

Lastly, price is definitely in the list of factors when u choose an aesthetic doctor/clinic. From what I see the trend now is that people tend to compare the price of the treatment rather than the products.

For example, Clinic X quoted filler injection for nose at RM500 while Clinic Y quoted at RM1500. Why is that so? The price difference can be different quality of products, different experience of the doctor or even different amount of fillers suggested.

Most common price checking I encountered was when patients comparing Ultherapy with HIFU. They usually complaint that the Ultherapy price is so much higher compare with HIFU treatments recommended by other clinic.
Ultherapy is the original and the only FDA approved HIFU device for skin tightening, no doubt the price will be slightly higher compare to other HIFU machine.
Similar like you are buying a Mercedes comparing with Proton. Both able to bring you to the destination, however safety profile and the quality are very much different.

One thought on “5 Tips In Choosing Your Best Aesthetic Doctor

  1. I love the tip that you gave to consider the location of a clinic when you are choosing a doctor. My wife wants to have a procedure done soon on her knees. I will be sure to tell her to consider the location when she is choosing one.


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