Top 5 Injectables Treatment to Maintain Your Youth

Injectables Aesthetic Treatments are very popular worldwide as an effective way in anti-aging treatments. There are few newer products surface in the market for past few years indicates the high demands and popularity.

In my practice, I have to agree that nearly 80% of my patients able to accept the injectables procedure and treatments.
For those who are not okay with the injectables mainly because unable to tolerate downtime or the fear of injecting foreign subjects into their skin.
Many are quite open and okay with the injectables treatment because of strong scientific and clinical studies support, obvious and promising results and relatively minimal downtime if the injector (doctor) is good in skill.

In this articles, I would like to share The Top 5 Injectables that I really like to perform in my practice, including the reason why I love them and also their shortfalls.


I have shown my love to Rejuran in many occasions. No doubt Rejuran still be my all time favourite. To understand more about Rejuran, can check my previous article by clicking the link.

Rejuran is a powerful anti-aging tool, it generally heal your skin from what both intrinsic and extrinsic ageing process damage it. Ageing process puts our skin under chronic inflammation and stress. With its strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties, Rejuran able to stablilize and reduce inflammation of our skin and rejuvenate it into a healthier state.

Benefits: Overall rejuvenation, provides a healthier skin. Targeting multiple ageing problems at one go. Low risk of complications.
Shortfalls: Slightly more painful compare to other injectables.

Examples: Rejuran Healer for total rejuvenation, Rejuran S for scars remodelling.

#2: MESOBOTOX (Intradermal Botulinum Toxin Injection)

**p/s: BOTOX is a brand name of Botulinum Toxin.

Some people says this is old school, well I think old school and classic still the best! Mesobotox basically means injecting microdroplets of diluted botulinum toxins intradermally (superficial enough under your skin).
**p/s: traditionally, botulinum toxin was inject into the muscle to relax the muscle activtity.

By doing intradermal injection of Botulinum Toxin, it may reduce fine lines and resulting in smoother and younger looking skin. This treatment also may reduce your pores size.

Benefits: Quick, Easy and Affordable procedure with very minimal downtime. Instant and usually promising result.
Shortfalls: A degree of skill needed to achieve desirable result and avoid possibility of complication eg. asymmetrical facial expression or unnatural look. Repeated and regular treatment sessions needed to maintain the result.

Examples of Botulinum Toxin available: Dysport, Xeomin, Botox.


Almost similar as mesobotox, skinboosters simply means that injecting microdroplet of hyaluronic acids intradermally to provide hyrdation and to moisture your skin. Skinboosters treatment intended to give you more hydrated, radiant and supple skin.

Why Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic Acid naturally found in skin, muscles and joints. It has the ability to draw 1000 times its own weight in water into the skin, hence providing the best hydration to our skin.

With the advancement in injectable technology, nowadays the skin boosters clinically proven to stimulate new collagen formation and increase elastin levels that have been depleted during ageing process.

Benefits: Quick, Easy and Affordable procedure with very minimal downtime. The best hydration for skin.
Shortfalls: Multiple sessions and long term commitment is needed to maintain the result. Certain patients are not suitable for the treatment due to sensitivity to HA or risk of breakouts after the treatment.

Examples of Skinboosters: Teosyal Puresense Redensity I, Neauvia Hydro Deluxe


If you are active enough in aesthetics field, you should hear this name being circulated around. This relatively new injectable (in Asia) definitely a game changer in aesthetic medicine.

Profhilo, it is not a filler nor a skin booster! It is unique in it’s own way. The main ingredient of Profhilo is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Ah-ha!! I bet you are confuse now as HA is not a very special or unique thing to your understanding, am I right?

Well, what special in Profhilo is that it contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid 32mg/ml (compare to other highest at 20-22mg/ml). And interesting part is that Profhilo is a stabilized Hybrid Cooperative Complex (HCC) combining both low and high molecular weight HA which enhances the skin’s natural healing properties through a process called bio remodelling.

With this unique properties of Profhilo, not only it can hydrate the skin like what skinboosters do, it also can stimulates collagen and elastin to rejuvenate the skin naturally like what biostimulators work.

Another catcher of this injectable is that, Profhilo only needs to be injected in 5 points for each side of the face. Profhilo’s BAP (Bioaesthetic Point) technique was clinically tested for maximum efficiency and patient comfort.

Another catcher of this injectable is that, Profhilo only needs to be injected in 5 points for each side of the face. Profhilo’s BAP (Bioaesthetic Point) technique was clinically tested for maximum efficiency and patient comfort.

Benefits: Very quick and comfortable procedure. Low risk of complications. Instant results. Less sessions required to maintain the result.
Shortfalls: More expensive compare to fillers or skinboosters.


Best part of biostimulators is that it stimulates your own collagen production, restoring the volume lost, and also improve skin texture and elasticity simultaneously, give you a complete form of anti-aging skin treatment.

Most of the Biostimulators work in Two main steps.
First, immediate filling up the volume loss area, resulting in volumizing and sculpting result.
At the sametime, the main ingredients of the biostimulators then will stimulate collagen productions throughout a period of time.

Benefits: Long lasting result with single treatment. Combining volumizing, tightening and texture improving result.
Shortfalls: Require more skill. More expensive compare to HA Fillers injection.

Examples of Biostimulators: Radiesse, Ellanse, Sculptra.

So, here you go~ My Top 5 favourite injectables treatment in my practice. Injectables can be very pleasant and promising if done correctly. If you are still hesitate, I hope my article can give you some clue and courage to explore it.

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