My Top 5 Favourite Items in Blue

Year 2020 has come to an end. This year is s*cks, isn’t it?!! So, I am starting to clean up my stuff, getting prepare to welcome the new year 2021, and it was so reminiscing to go through all the items that accompanied me throughout this year.

Hence, I am thinking to write a relax and colourful articles about all these items that I have or I purchased in year 2020, some are very tiny items while some are really big pieces. These articles are pure sharing, and hopefully also give some insights or ideas to some of you who are looking for certain items in your daily life, perhaps to buy for others as a gift or plan to own one?!


I have the habit of writing journal and record some special moment in life. I did this since secondary school, and I have collected all my planner since then. It is very nostalgic whenever I read what have written previously. This year, I am using this planner from Starbucks that my best friend gave it to me as a gift. As I know, this planner is not for sale, basically you need to commit certain cups of their coffee in order to get this. It is relatively large compare to my previous planners, it comes with its own casing, which I am able to insert some receipts, cards and stickers into it. One special feature that this planner comes with pages of introducing different coffees in different month. I just hope that Starbucks 2021 planner can be more compact and less bulky.


This is definitely something new to me. To be honest, I’ve never thought that I will appreciate a silk shirt, I always thought that silk material is old-fashioned (so sorry..but I am so wrong!!) Maybe, now that I am 35 years old, matured and elegant lady (*wink), I started to admire silk products, the softness, the comfort and also how elegant a lady can be in Silk. I got to know this brand via an Influencer named Mel In Melbourne (, she was wearing the silk shirt in her video and she looks so gorgeous. So, I browse through the website one day and decided to buy two pieces for myself as my working outfit.

Their design is simple, and they have variety of choices. They have many colours in each designs too. Their silk is skin-friendly and high quality. One of the pieces that I purchased was this beautiful blue haze colour shirt with pearl button. I have to say that I am slight regret on the pearl button, because I might not able to find the exact same one if I ever drop one! So, maybe I will get those simple design with ordinary button in my next purchase.

p/s: You may use Code: MIM15OFF for extra 15% off all their current promos (Thanks to Mel In Melbourne for discount code)
Website to Lily Silk:


Whenever speaking about BLUE, of course I have my clinic’s logo in mind. The word “CLIQUE” actually originate from a French word. Clique means a group of individuals who interact with one another and share similar interests regardless of gender, ethnicity or popularity.
Looking at our logo, we have four blues, but the important elements will be just two –Light Blue represents health, healing, tranquility, understanding and softness. Dark Blue refers to knowledge, trust, integrity and professionalism.

#4: Medium Heel Pump from PERFECT COMBINATION (Thai Brand)

I remember the scene on how I bought this pair of shoes! It was a trip with my hubby and my daughter to Bangkok. We went to Asiatique, The Riverfront night market for our dinner and of course followed by my shopping haul. I’ve been entering this shop many times before this trip, as I went to bangkok almost every year for business. I did not purchase their shoes previously mainly because of the price (it is roughly rm500++ for a pair of shoes). Of course this price is relatively reasonable for genuine leather shoes, but well, I always had this concept of getting cheap items from Bangkok shopping is the right thing to do.

I remembered that night, my hubby was sitting on the bench outside the store with my tired daughter, and I was trying their shoes in different designs. I’ve spent almost an hour in the store, and finally I told myself that I should have just get it after the sales man serve me for an hour. And the purchase also triggered by a Korean couple where the uncle keep telling his wife how the pumps look good on me. Thankfully I bought this heel, and after 4 years wearing it, it is still look new as if I bought it yesterday. Of course, I am very careful when using my apparel items, and I clean them on regular basis.

If not mistaken, this is my very first piece of item in full genuine leather and I was in love with it. Since then, I started to fall in love with leather items because they are so durable.

Do check out their stores online –>
Their unique two-tone technique represent their identity and I just love, love, love…
You may also find their physical store whenever you can travel to Bangkok again!


This year I was suppose to visit London in June and this Covid-19 pandemic seriously ruin my whole plan. I’ve been eyeing a functional daily work bag and planned to get one during my trip.

Since traveling is no longer the choice, I paid my first visit to the Hermès store in Malaysia this year and looking for a bag. If you are familiar with the brand, you should know that it is not easy to get a bag you want. I am really lucky to get this bag after 2 months of waiting. The gold hardware with Navy Blue/Blue Indigo is really hard to come by.

Herbag is a bag whether you love it or you hate it. It is a good entry bag for the brand with reasonable price. For those who don’t like the bag usually complain about the heaviness of the bag and the difficulty in terms of closure. For those who love it like me will find our own way to endure it, and to be honest, once you get use to it.. It is really not a big issue. If I would pick one shortfall from this bag, is the box leather top flap which is relative fragile and easily scratched. Overall, I love this bag for my daily working use, as it is chic, stylish and easy to match with, whether you are in casual or formal attire.

So, yeah, these are my favourite items in different shade of BLUE..
Definitely I will get more items in my blue collection next year, do share with me your favourite blue item as well, as I will love to see them!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement and is not a sponsored post.
All opinions are always my own and everything was purchased by me unless otherwise stated with *.

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