My Top 5 #HelloCannot in Aesthetic Treatment

Question #1:
Doctor, I am not sure whether this laser suitable for my skin or not.. do you have free trial?

Dr Christie: Hello.Cannot!
When you visit a famous Wantan Noodle stall, you saw many people buying the wantan noodle. Will you ask uncle to give you one bowl for free because you want to taste it and check whether suit your taste??

Side note: Basically a good laser machines or any other treatment already had undergone several series of researches before launched to the market.Good machine already obtained certain certificate for example, FDA certificate which proven the efficacy and safety. Hence, there is no need further trial to prove the efficacy and safety.

Question #2:
Doctor, after I complete my course of laser treatment, can I just stop and do nothing else yet maintain the result forever?

Dr Christie: Hello. Cannot!
Then you ask the TIME stop running, can ahh? You ask the SUN stop coming out, can ahh?
Today you eat one bowl of Wantan Noodle, you can remain full forever ahh?

Side note: Laser treatment will helps to reduce the current aging problem such as hyperigmentations, age spots, wrinkles, sagginess..etc. However, aging process still keep on going every single second. You might not need to frequently do the treatment as in the beginning stage of your problem, but a maintainance of treatment still needed if you would like to maintain the result.

Question #3:
Doctor, you cannot give me discount meh? How about buy 1 free 1?

Dr Christie: Hello. Cannot! thought this is Pasar arr? Buy Cabbage free Spring Onion??
You buy Wantan Noodles, did you ask uncle can buy 1 free 1 or not? If not, why you ask me?

Side note: When you pay for an aesthetic treatment, this is mainly the cost of the treatment (most of the machines and treatment products are quite costly), service as well as the skill and knowledge of the doctor. And not to forget, doctor also have to pay the rental, machines rental, staff salaries, utility bill..etc. When you visit a clinic for flu or stomach ache, you never ask doctor to discount or free one bottle of medication right? Aesthetic doctor also work like a normal doctor, just that we provide service and skill.

Single Session RM500
Package 5 sessions RM2000

Question #4:
I want to sign the package, but can I pay session by session instead?

Dr Christie: Hello. Cannot!
Then what is the point of we put it as a package?

Side note: Main reason why most of the aesthetic clinic provides treatment in package is because that most of the skin condition or ageing problems require few sessions to achieve the desirable outcome. Commitment towards the treatment is the key of satisfied results and outcome. As a note of encouragement, most of the clinics provide the number of sessions in a package to help patient commit into program for better outcome.

Question #5:
Doctor, can you make me look like Dilireba? Because my husband always look at her and says that she is the prettiest woman in the world!

Dr Christie: Hello. Cannot!
You think I am God ahh?? If I can, I will transform myself first la…
Besides, are you sure your husband won’t look at other woman if you look like pretty Dilireba?

Side note: I am not sure about others, but Dr Christie always believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. There is no need to transform into other people’s look. In my aesthetic principle, is to enhance your own beauty rather than picking the flaws. When you decided to do aesthetic treatment it should be make yourself happy rather than pleasing others~

So here are my version of #HelloCannot in my practice. Hope you enjoy and have a laugh today after reading it.

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