5 Essential Items In My Working Bag

Have you ever wonder, Why women’s daily bag is so heavy?

If you are a man who just carry a wallet, you definitely think that women usually put unnecessary items in their bags. (Though, I am seeing more men carrying a bag too.)

I am those typical woman who put quite a number of items which I seriously think that they all are equally important in their own way.

Just in case you need them, they are there!!!

With this principle, I always make sure I can get the item whenever I need them for eg. tissue, discount cards, lipsticks..
So..in this article, I would like to reveal the little secret in my working bags with 5 essential items that I truly think are so crucial in my life.

#1: Diary

Ya..I know..I am a 34-year-old, mother of two…But, I really like those cute design..
Basically I wrote my important meeting and appointments in this diary. Another function of this diary was gathering all my happy, sad and angry moments.

#2: Stojo Collapsible Cup

Most favourite item in my bag is this Stojo Cup, we should unite in love for our environment. You should really get yourself with this leak-proof, collapsible, stylish and reusable cup for your daily coffee (shout out to coffee lover)
You may get your Stojo cup with the Link below

#3: Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

You can get this Reusable Straw in Jaya Grocer @RM11.90

Sorry, I am attached to a straw!!
Since Malaysian Government joined the global effort and banned plastic straws, it was really a stressful moment for me. Don’t ask me why, I just find drinking directly from the glass or cup very eewww..again, Don’t Ask Me Why!!
So, I decided to get this reusable straws for myself. This is something newly added into my bag, and I just use this for few occasions, I have to say it is definitely useful. However the problem I encounter was “How to clean the straw after use when you are outside??!!”
Although this set comes with Straw Cleaning Brush, but I encountered once in a restaurant where the sink is relative shallow and it couldn’t accommodate my straw in a vertical position. Also, after cleaning, the brush is wet, and the inner part of the straw is wet, where and how am I suppose to dry them??!! (Something I am still figuring..if you have any good and simple idea or advice, please let me know)

#4: Business Card

Business Cards pouch, gift from my girlfriend

Clients and Business Opportunity happens anywhere at anytime. Hence I carry my business cards with me all the time wherever I go.

#5: Lipsticks

A lady must have Lipstick in her bag. I have two, a “formal” colour for business related event and a “casual” colour if you need to yamcha with your friends after work or a movie date with your lover.

You may find the lipsticks shown above in the link below:
Urban Decay Comfort Matte – Hitch Hike

Clio Mad Matte Lipstick – 16 Sweet Guava
(I can’t find any formal website for Clio, this lipstick I got it in MyeongDong Clio Shop. You may find Clio booth in Sunway Pyramid at LG1.128A)

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