Top 5 Difficult Patient Types That I Met in My Practice

I strongly believe in importance of doctor-patient relationship when comes to aesthetic medicine. Partly, the result of an aesthetic treatment is related to how well the doctor and patient click to each other.

We are all human beings, of course we carry different personalities. In this post I would like to share the Top 5 Difficult Patients Types that I encounter in my aesthetic journey. To my doctors friends, perhaps you can relate to these patients types and figure out different ways and techniques while you handling them. And for patients, it is important that you understand yourself better and if you mirror yourself in one of the group below, I hope you can go through the piece of thought that I included and practice to be a more understanding patient.

#1: The I-Know-All

GOOGLE is their best friend. They surf tons of websites and read all they could before seeing doctor. Sometimes, they quickly believe in what they read and did not study further.

DOC: I suggest Filler and Botox for the concern you mentioned..

PATIENT: Ohh no, doc..The filler is not good for the kidney right? And the Botox will make me look fake..I’ve read this article before and it said Botox is no good!

DOC: …….

Piece of Thought:
It is always good to educate yourself and figure out the best treatment for yourself online. However, not all the information in the internet and social media are accurate which sometime might confuse you in the end. Instead, why not consult your doctor, raise your concerns and seek for clarification and proper discussion. But, remember that all types of aesthetic procedures comes with chances of side effects, complication and down time, a good and responsible doctors will definitely try his/her best to minimise the complication.

#2: The Pasar Malam Hopper

This group of patients is very good in weighing. They weigh the money and the value all the time. They hop around different clinics just to find the cheapest deal with most free gifts. Bargaining is in their gene, they get satisfaction when they can claim more free gifts or they able to cut the price.

DOC: your laser treatment is RMxxx per session, it would be cheaper if you sign up a package of 4, what do you think?

PATIENT: Ohh..wahhh..your laser so expensive one?? That clinic xx arr..just charge RMxx how? You can give me more discount or not? Aiya..can la…I buy 4 sessions you free 3 more sessions for me laaa..can la can la..I tell you har…I know a lot of people one…if you make me beautiful, I will introduce my friends all come here!!

DOC: …….

Piece of Thought:
Aesthetic medicine is an Art. Not everything can be weighed with price. Of course to get a good deal is smart thing to do, but you need to compare apple to apple. There are plenty of injectable products and laser machines in the market. Each of them comes with different scientific and researches background. General rule applies in most cases, cheap products equal to low quality. Same goes to the doctor, different doctors will have different years of experience as well as different level of skill. Remember, Clinic is not a market place.

#3: The Pessimist

1. a person who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen

2. a person who believes that this world is as bad as it could be or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.

DOC: (after explaining the procedure..) So, do you have any question? Can we proceed?

PATIENT: Doc, what if I don’t get any result? Do you guarantee there will be result? What if I develop allergy to it? What if this treatment not suitable for me? What if I get side effect from the treatment? I’m just know..WHAT IF??

DOC: …….

Piece of Thought:
I is normal that you have certain extent of worries and anxiety during aesthetic treatment. Excessive negativity towards side effects, complication and worst outcome is just pushing your doctor away from performing any treatment for you. From my experience, Law of Attraction applies in many cases, most of the complicated cases are from those patients who has excessive negative thoughts. Even they get a good result, their negativity will just draw them to the flaws and they tend to ignore all the good.
Remember, physical and mental part of us are strongly connected to each other. You will never look or feel beautiful when your mind is not.

#4: The Dory

As the character it is, this group of patients has acute or chronic memory loss. No matter how detail or how long you spent on consultation, they can instantly forget what you have just mentioned 5 minutes ago.

PATIENT: Doc, when I able to notice the result?

DOC: Averagely 3-6 months time, if you are lucky you can spot some minimal improvement after a month. Because your skin need some time to produce new collagen, and thats takes roughly 3-6 months.

**after ONE week**

PATIENT: Doc, I am very disappointed!!! I don’t see any result at all??!!! Your skill is no good…I spent so much of money and get nothing at all!! I want to complain… I want to sue you!!

DOC: ………

Piece of Thought:
I understand that everyone wants instant excellent result. But..aesthetic medicine is not a magic potion, we can’t instantly reverse your aging fact, we can’t reverse at all! What we can do is slow down your aging process, repair the damage and prevent further destruction.
I also understand that truth is always not nice to listen to and people tend to just choose what they want to hear, but fact is still the fact. A responsible doctor will only tells you the fact and provides you realistic expectation.

#5: The Princess

This group of patients usually are more self-centred. They need all the staff to serve them only. They come whenever they want as if the clinic just open only for them, and they cancel appointment anytime they want without any sense of guilt.

(phone call, 8am in the morning)
PATIENT: Doc, are you free now? I want to come for treatment.

DOC: I am so sorry, this appointment is too last minute, unfortunately my schedule is fully booked today.

PATIENT: Ohh..can lah..9.30am

DOC: Sorry dear, our clinic open at 10am, and I have one patient booked at 10am already.

PATIENT: You ask that patient come later lah..then I come at 9.30am

DOC: ……sorry I can’t do that, it is not fair the other patient

PATIENT: Aiyo…time when you ask me buy treatment, everything ask you simple favor also cannot…..then I don’t want to do already lah…refund la…

DOC: …….

Piece of Thought:
I believe that most of the doctors treat their patient equally, disregards ethnicity, gender, social status, or even the amount spent. Definitely I treat my patient fairly, I will accommodate as much as I can, but I will stand firmly on my principle too.

Haha..and believe me not, all scenario above mentioned are REAL, not exaggerated at all!!

Yep..this is definitely a post of rant, but don’t get me wrong, these patients are difficult to handle and sometimes make my life miserable (or “interesting”), and I still love all of them.

Of course I do have lots of wonderful patients too, and perhaps one day I will list down the best patients characteristic.

Are you mirror yourself in one of the group above?

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